Peas Plus Premium Deer and Wildlife Feed

Peas Plus Premium Deer and Wildlife Feed
22% Protein - Deer and Wildlife Feed

Peas Plus Premium Deer and Wildlife Feed. It's antler growth season! Want to see explosive growth in your deer herd? It's time try Peas Plus Premium Black-Eyed Pea Splits.  Peas Plus is proven to grow big deer, improve antler size, increase mass, and benefit the overall health and body condition of your deer herd. Peas Plus can be used in any free choice protein or spin type feeders. Our highly palatable 22% protein feed consists of a custom blend of whole and split black-eyed peas. Black-Eyed Peas are an excellent source of protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins and are highly digestible with a TDN (Total Digestible Nutrients) averaging over 85%.  It's available both bagged and in bulk.  Stop by any of our retail locations, or contact us to schedule delivery.

A Smarter Way To Feed

Peas Plus Premium Black-Eyed Peas are rich in protein, vitamins and carbs, and have a TDN (Total Digestible Nutrients) of over 85%. They are safe and enjoyed by deer, quail, turkey, and other wildlife.


Peas Plus Premium Deer and Wildlife Feed are aflatoxin-free, more nutritious, and a better wildlife attractant than any other feed out there.

Superior Attractant

Deer prefer black-eyed peas 2:1 over corn and other commercial attractants. Deer, Turkey, Quail and other wildlife love black-eyed peas.

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Bulk and Ranch Accounts

Peas Plus is available by the truckload either in one ton totes or shipped in bulk via stinger trucks. We can ship up to 48,000 lbs of bulk Peas Plus and auger them  into your overhead bins.  We use enclosed vans to ship totes and pallets. Each van truckload is 44,000 lbs of product.  Contact us by phone or email if you are interested in buying bulk or setting up a ranch account.


If you are interested in becoming a distributor or retailer for Peas Plus, please contact us directly and we will make it happen.

We have huge inventories and contracts on new crops each fall.We provide all our distributors and retailers free exposure to their stores, web sites and advertising through our web page and social media outlets. We will help you build your customer base by directing our hunting clientele to your retail locations.

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